The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

October 10, 2014  
-The latest on banks and banking in Latin America- Part 1:
Every Latin country has 10 to 20 banks or more. So with all those choices, how are you (a presumably crap-Spanish speaker) supposed to choose a good,solid, stable bank on your own? Not you will most likely need one pronto when you first get down. Oops, don’t forget the fact that Latin banks are third-world, and are well, err… owned, operated and regulated by Latins with the usual manana mentality. And yes and some Latin banks do occasionally fail. That said, is it prudent for you to have maybe two or even three Latin banks? Well then how about none, zero, nada? Not to worry, today we’ll give some valuable tips regarding that dilemma
-What kind of interest rates are bank CD’s paying in the USA these days- half a percent? Zero? Maybe you’re even dumb enough to be paying the banksters to hold your fiat money for you. I hope not. What kind of craziness is that? That why it’s a shock when fresh expats land in Latin America and see that local banks pay from 4 to 8% annually on regular bank CD’s…. in both their funny-money and in US fiat dollars too! Too good to be true you say? Nope, it’s a fact. So then, why not dive in and get in on those excellent pre-millennium rates? Not so fast… here’s the dope on that….
-Beware of free advice, references and recommendations coming from scruffy gringos who hang out in expat bars. They do mean well, but since many of them drink and hang exclusively with other somewhat purposeless gringos (in said expat bars), their “free” information is often unreliable (just like many of them are)…       
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