The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

April 23, 2012  
-My Latin American Insider’s seminar is all booked up but if you’re interested in getting on the waiting list for the Guatemala event, email me at with the word WAITING LIST in the subject line or better yet, go and sign in with your email to get full details and updates as well as any info on last minute cancellations.
-More about Latin American security issues, state department warnings, and the real and perceived dangers for gringos and expats.
-I don’t recommend Mexico, I never did. But unfortunately there are tens of thousands who have already bought in to the tequila dream and have too much invested to just pick up and leave- even as things deteriorate before their eyes. Here are some thoughts on that problem.
-By now you know that Latins who have money just can’t help showing off their wealth. Like little kids with brand new bikes, Latins have to rub it into their neighbor’s faces (even if it’s all on plastic). Keeping up with and surpassing the Joneses is a national sport down here. And though it may seem juvenile to us expats (unless we’re into that sort of thing ourselves), it’s a phenomena is actually a very good for us, and I’ll explain why.
-The truth about unfiltered tap water in Latin America and what it does to sinks, bathtubs, showers and everything else it touches (including you). Latin America has volcanic soil and thus has very hard mineral-infused water that stains any surface it touches and takes some getting used to.
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