The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

April 6, 2012  

-What’s the scoop on getting those W.H.O. and U.S. State Dept. recommended (even mandatory) vaccines and shots before you come down to Latin America? After all, Brazil is one country that mandates yellow fever vaccinations for all arriving foreigners. It says so on their government website, and there are even posted signs at all the airports. What’s up with that?

- What if you are categorically against vaccines in general, or have allergies or bad reactions and therefore don’t have a vaccine certificate when you arrive? Do you skip the trip? Do they lock you on a cage at the airport with the other confiscated animals?

-The truth about bugs and insects in Latin America

-Another expat business idea yet to be realized- we really need a deep jungle (and I don’t mean your Minnesota pine forest jungle) insect repellent that lasts more than one hour and doesn’t stink like a wet goat.

-How to avoid the vacation squirts… four easy, surefire ways to avoid Montezuma’s revenge

-What every gringo needs to know about amoebic dysentery in 20 words or less

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