The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

March 12, 2012  
SHOW #135 - Mon, Mar 12, 2012

-When “lag-time” phenomena (the thing that gives us a nice measure of our “gringo advantage” especially in business) has its unfortunate downside. We can predict that sooner or later everything bad, distasteful, trendy or faddish in the US will also eventually land down here and take root… things like diet foods, energy drinks, multiple piercings, cute tattoos and brain-dead reality shows.

-In all big Latin cities obesity is rearing its ugly head (and belly) but surprisingly, not much fat in the countryside- some disturbing news about Latin eating and dieting habits (but hey....yours probably suck too!)

-Depending on the dish, all local Latins cook with three bad types of oil- corn oil, margarine and lard. Yes I said lard! And those three artery-clogging fats are in most all bakery products too. So next time you get invited to someone’s house for dinner, don't forget to complement the cook while you wolf down that lard.

-Some basic truths about those funny Latin American currencies with all those smiling colonial conquerors and genocidal dictators on them.

-Latin Millionaires: how Latin cultures view the definition of “rich” much differently than we do up north

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