The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

February 10, 2013  
-Gambling, betting and games of chance in Latin America
-How certain astute expats, relying on solid betting odds, make consistent money by betting against gullible Latins in certain nationalistic sporting events, namely football(soccer). Why? Because so many Latin men are extreme in their nationalism and irrational faith in the home team (sound familiar you Cub fans?) no matter what the calculated Vegas odds
-Throughout Latin America there are gambling casinos everywhere. Many big international hotels have them on the premises. And though you may hear that gambling of this type is illegal in many Latin countries (and it is) still, casinos are ubiquitous and don’t get raided. Here’s why………
-Lottos, lottos, everywhere. In poor countries the two biggest games in town are the lotteries and religion. And both promise…. er, well we know what they promise. But the problem is that they’re both rigged.
-New car raffles are all the rage down here too. But are they legit? Here’s the scoop on that racket….  and it is a racket!
-Some more info from the horse’s mouth about cops and corruption in Mexico.This news just might get apologists for Mexico to stop drinking the Kool Aid.
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