The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

March 17, 2013  
-What will happen in Latin Countries that use the US dollar as their sole currency (i.e. Ecuador, Salvador and Panama) when the next inevitable next financial crisis comes along, the dollar crashes, and the rest of the producing world realizes all the US really has left is (1) a massive military and weapons industry, (2) Disneyland, (3) Hollywood, and (4) Cleveland?
-ATM’s in Latin America spit out US twenty dollar bills. Sounds good so far especially if you’re in a US dollar denominated country like Salvador or Ecuador. But the trouble is that seventy five percent of small businesses, mom and pop stores and restaurants won’t have change for your Jackson’s… so forget about carrying Grants and Franklins! And that, by the way, smells like an excellent expat business opportunity
-If you see sign that says “Nightclub” its not gonna be your US style dance, jazz or blues club, but a combination strip joint and bordello. And yes, prostitution is technically illegal in Latin America, but as usual the laws are as flexible as a slinky.
-Some new cases of credit card cloning have been popping up throughout Central America and the Carribean. And ninety percent of the cases have been linked to persons trying to make a cash withdrawal using a particular Latin bank’s ATM machine. Here’s the poop on that and how not to get sucked into that black hole……..
-What happens when glitzy international newsletters and travel magazines select their best Latin retirement destinations of the year? Well, just like in Panama and Costa Rica, in a few years later they become contaminated by gringos and the gringo dollar, the crime soars and the whole area becomes more expensive. Can you guess what destination is next in line for the honor?
- If you are interested in attending a short, one-day,  Expat Wisdom “Expat Fast Track” seminar guaranteed to jump-start your eventual move to Latin America then just email me And tell me what city you are living in or living close to. The Expat Wisdom crew just might be heading to a city near you!
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