The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

March 29, 2013  
-Some words about the life and death of Hugo Chavez. When alive he was much bigger than life, but now that he’s gone what will happen in Venezuela? Will his so called 21st century socialist “Bolivar” revolution” endure? And whether it does or not, will it be a safe haven for expats? It certainly is not a recommended expat destination now… not even for a short visit.
-200 US cable TV channels (with Spanish subtitles) have invaded Latin America. Latins are now being spoon-fed the same mind-numbing crap first world folks are getting and its generating quite a strong desire for Latins to want to move to the US and get a piece of the last remaining fantasy that the boob tube projects... and it is a fantasy.
-Expat Eddie had some Latina friends over and heard them discussing a certain US cable TV program. During the program the Latinas reacted in a way you or I might never have expected.
-For any of you who still might believe that Hugo Chavez has created a kind of lasting socialist utopia in Venezuela, then please explain why neighboring Colombians almost never emigrate to Hugo’s paradise, and yet there’s a strong, steady flow of Venezuelans constantly slipping into Colombia?
-Do you ever wonder why so many Latin American presidents and leaders stuck up for, and supported, Hugo Chavez through thick and thin even though he was often seen as a loose cannon? Sure it was about getting his cheap oil but it was about much more than that.
-Announcing the latest plans for the next Expat Wisdom “Latin American Insider Seminar” which will of course be off the tourist trail. It’ll be coming up in the next few months so stay tuned for more info…
-Follow the link on the main page at to schedule a consultation with me. If you want to discuss the details of living, working, playing, doing business and/or retiring in Latin America, now you and I can talk about your situation one on one
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