The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

January 19, 2014  

-Today we're talking Expats doing business again!
I can’t tell you how many emails have come in over the years from folks with dreams of boating down to Latin America from the states and either living on that boat full time and traveling around permanently in the tropics, or docking in some version of paradise and homesteading right there. Others write and ask questions about charter boat businesses, since some want to look into that venture too. The good news is that we can kill two or three birds with one stone today as we hear from a gringo who has recently done many of those very same things himself. He not only brought his sailboat down from the states, he took it through the Panama canal locks, landed on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, and started a successful charter fishing and sailing business there that's been in operation for about two years. Listen to this very neat and daring story.

-Few people know that I had my own charter fishing business experience in Costa Rica some 18 years ago that was definitely NOT a success story. Here's how that went down and the lessons learned...  
-You may have heard some very strange things are happening in Venezuela right now, and none of it is looking good for the common people. That said, I sometimes get emails from contrarians reminding me that since conditions are so chaotic and frenzied, and the black market dollar exchange rate now at 1000% of the official rate, doesn’t that signal the perfect time to scout out opportunities? My answer? Its complicated and dangerous, and thanks to Chavez’s negative propaganda machine, Venezuela (NOT Cuba) is really the only Latin country where people are not warm to gringos….           
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