The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

October 31, 2014  
-In Latin America, the coolness factor for all things “gringo” is pervasive. In fact, as you are motoring or walking anywhere in Latin America, you’ll occasionally see English words and phrases mixed in with Spanish words in some ads, posters and signs. Do note that the more words appearing on ads and signs in English (BTW, often misspelled or grammatically incorrect) the more you can be sure that you’re entering an “upscale” area or neighborhood.  
-Strange things can happen when you’re the only gringo shopping in a big big box store like Costco. Yes, Latin America’s got hundreds of first-world style membership mega-stores so you can indulge yourself, and if you dare, buy all the Chinese made junk you want or all that fits in your Hyundai.
-Recently, a young married couple (two previous Expat Wisdom seminar attendees) signed an apartment rental contract in a first-world style, upscale neighborhood in Guatemala City. Here’s a bit of their story and some of the odd Latin quirks they discovered along the way…  
-Find out about inaccurate and spotty food-ingredient labeling in Latin America, and those very confusing expiration dates.            
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