The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

October 5, 2014  
-Mormons in Latin America: At first it looked like a fluke, but in the last 3 years or so there suddenly seems to be a great many more Mormons hot-footing it around Latin America than ever before. Whereas just a few years ago, one would be lucky to see a righteous pair of said soul savers every month or so, but now for some strange reason they’re spotted round most Latin towns and in the boonies nearly every day. Are you ready for a twist in this story and a very strange answer? Well, here’s one detour you’d never expect…       
-In response to my most recent broadcasts from the Dominican Republic, today we’ll discuss a string of emails that came in from a seasoned expat who has spent many years in the Dominican Republic. Our man in the DR has a lot to say about his own trials and tribulations in dealing with the locals, and as you'll see...most aren't all that positive. Having been sucked into his share of scams.... along with other adventures, he gives us his unique sociological slant on the Dominican people as well as bits and pieces concerning a few delicate, unpredictable and volatile themes: that is, mating, dating and gringo/Latin romances DR style.   
- Announcing my January 2015, Expat Wisdom- Latin American Insider’s Seminar. Be sure to check out my latest “off the tourist trail”, boots-on-the-ground, fast-track experience for expat gonnabees, expat wannabees and those who are looking for the new version of  “American Dream”…. the one that’s “south of the border”.  Just go to my website then and click on the Latin American Seminar link at the top left on the main page for complete details.  
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