The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

October 3, 2014  

-The slick and sometimes unslick reputations of certain Latin lawyer types. Why is it that in some Latin countries being a lawyer is the second most dangerous occupation... right behind Chicken bus drivers (and that’s no joke)
-Islam, Muslims and the lack of obvious local/regional news reporting on fundamentalism in Latin America. While terrorist events happening in the rest of the world are heavily reported by the Latin press and media, there seems to be little coverage of any activity down here. Oh yes, there are rumors of fundamentalist cells and training camps etc., but stil, it’s all speculation with no hard data or solid reporting. We shall see…
-There are not very many Middle Eastern people in Latin America, but every medium and large city has an established contingent. Ever wonder how (or why) they ended up in Latin America and not elsewhere? Sure, 95% of them took a commercial flight of course. But how did they get that Latin visa to qualify in the first place- when the requirements are quite strict… ostensibly as strict as the requirements for a visa to the states or Canada?
-Did you know(of course you didn’t) that according to official investigators for the Latin customs and tax authorities, reports show that by far the most arrests made for contraband and pirated material have been of immigrants of Middle Eastern decent.. so called “Arabees”. Note that Latins call all Middle Eastern and North African people “Arabees” (the exception being Jews, who Latins call “Judeos”) and note that Latins call all Asians “Chinos”.   
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