The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

February 27, 2015  
-Some people speak of Puerto Rico as a Latin American country even though it’s a USA commonwealth. Unfortunately it’s so corrupt and badly run, and therefore broke and bankrupt, that political hacks are now threatening to drastically downsize government and services- if they don’t lay their hands on some ready cash. The right answer of course is to let the government ass-wipes go down with the ship… they’re all fat, thieving, dead-weight slugs, so why not fire them all! Yes, in a perfect world that would happen. But it won’t. The World Bank and/or some fool first-world bailouts will certainly be come to the rescue. What a shame... 
-Some thoughts on those very crazy and chaotic "alternate day" transit regulations regarding driving cars in and around heavily polluted Mexico City. Note that the drive, no-drive, day rules are complicated: there are even different rules for cars with Mexican plates versus cars with foreign plates. But its worse than that…  
-When off the gringo tourist trail, unless you are a loner or an unsociable jerk, it’s a given that you will get invited to various middle-class Latin parties and events. Be aware that often times what seems very normal to your Latin hosts will seem very strange and perhaps unnerving to you… so go with the flow and get used to it!     
-It’s sometimes best to remain silent when spotting clueless gringos and foreigners doing stupid things: like drinking tap water, eating street food or swimming in polluted waters  
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