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November 23, 2012  
The Obama re-election effect in Latin America; and a few words about Latin politics in general: after all, it would be nice to know if there are any genocidal dictators in the neighborhood.
-Latins just Love Obama, but when you ask a Latin person why you get no good answer. In fact, of the 20 plus “so-called” educated Latins I’ve spoken to about this Obama love affair, none can actually name a single positive thing he’s done either. And get this; when asked who Obama is running against most just don’t know, and the rest just blurt “George Bush?”(duh?)
-Did you know that every major Latin celebrity/star like Shakira, Selma Hayak and Ricky Martin(yuk) as well as every American star with Latin blood like Eva Langoria, J-Lo, Cameron Diez, Jessica Alba and Sofia Vergara, etc., have come out gushing like idiots for Obama. In fact its quite impossible to find any Latin celeb who hasn’t drunk the Obama Koolaid.
-There has always been some confusion (with gringos and expats) about the actual definitions of the words Latino, Mestizo, Ladino, and all the dozens of various Latin American indigenous groups. And since the European/indigenous blood mix is all over the map, just who is and who isn’t “Latino” is often a good question. Allow me to throw a little more mud on the subject…
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