The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

November 30, 2012  
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-More on the subject of building a house or an office, and the inevitability of your contractor trying to cut corners with or without your permission.
-Sure contractors will cut corners, and some of the cuts will be insignificant (and you can make some inexpensive upgrades when you move in). Many of these properties are still worth buying... though other shortcuts, structural in nature, are expensive future demons just waiting to rear their ugly heads. And matter how nice some places look on the inside or outside, many are lemons and not good buys at all for expats. But how can you tell? When looking to buy an existing house or building there are some telltale signs that critical corners were cut, where inferior construction lurks beneath the freshly painted walls.
-Skylights are ubiquitous in Latin America and very highly recommended energy savers, but all skylights are not created equal (nor are cement blocks either) - not by a long shot!
-While house hunting, you might just run across a stately older house with a bidet (or even two!) installed in the bathroom. Usually the bidet is not being used or used correctly and may have a potted palm growing in- it or it may have become a permanent birdcage stand. But believe it or not, a bidet in the house is a good sign that the house was well constructed and of first world quality…..
-The continuing saga of Expat Eddie- this time he tries out a nice, simple business expansion idea in a place where no gringo has gone before (what else is new?).
-A few surprises pop up in the latest news about average tax rates for individual workers (THOSE WORKING ON THE BOOKS) in various Latin Countries.
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