The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

September 9, 2012  
I’ve been asked by many listeners if will ever do another Latin American “Expat Wisdom” seminar like the one I just held (off the gringo tourist trail) in Central America. Seems that word has gotten around just how fun and successful that one was, and now there has been a surge of interest for another. If you twist my arm I will consider it  – this time once again with just 24 people, no more. So I need all of you interested folks to send me a very short email at so I can put you on my private mailing list and get things started. I am thinking about doing it in early December or early January 2012; just a few days after the world ends according to the Mayan calendar. I’ll fire off the details as they come (not about the end of the world… about the seminar) .
-A continuation of last week’s topic on moving and storage. What should you do once your stuff down here and you haven’t actually got a permanent place to put your valuable junk?
-How to get the best deals on new and used appliances and furnishings. How to replenish some of the crap you sold up north for a song and come out smiling again.
-Everything a gringo needs to know about cell phones, pricing, plans, terms and cell phone service in Latin America including calls to the states and other countries.
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