The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

November 10, 2014  
-Speaking of Latin culture quirks and Latin sociology, there are many basic differences in the way first-world gringos view the world in general versus the way most local Latinos and Latinas see things. In the end, no matter how much Latin people falter on the details, and no matter how lacking they might be in the ways of doing business- in many other more social aspects of life we can learn a lot of good lessons from them (though we gringos are stuck in our ways and usually don’t bother).
-Often green gringos and new expats in the throes of starting a new Latin-based business don’t know enough Spanish to feel comfortable handling all the local interactions a foreign business start-up might entail. That said, often gringos take the easy way out and hire the first available person that speaks decent English- as someone who might help lead them through the maze. Note that many Latin English speakers you run into are actually deported illegal aliens whose real aim in life is it to earn enough dough to sneak back into Texas or Cleveland and leave you high and dry.   
-If Venezuelan women have been struggling to cope with chronic shortages of basic food and hygiene products, it appears that many young women have at last had enough of president Maduro’s brand of “sacrifice socialism”. Tens of thousands of Venezuelan Ladies will sacrifice anything but their right to inexpensive cosmetic surgery- a business that has just recently been hit by a severe shortage of quality breast and butt implants(all of which are import items that must be purchased with restricted US dollars). And how about this; at this very moment there are a number of Colombian black-market implant smugglers serving time in Venezuelan prisons (I wonder how you explain something like that to the judge, or your mother)                      
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