The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

July 16, 2021  
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Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #1071 FRI, JULY 16 (07-16-21) 

The latest Latin American Seminar was scheduled for January 8th thru 14th, 2021. However, since the “usual suspect’ Cov-Idiot knuckleheads in government along with talking head scientists (in the pocket of big pharma) arbitrarily place restrictions at airports and impose new lockdowns (i.e. Soviet style house arrests), please stay tuned for the new rescheduled dates (estimated to be in late Summer). That will happen when USA and Latin America airports drop the Cov-idiot test requirements, scheduled to be when so-called "Herd Immunity" has been achieved. We’re on it and will keep you posted…    


#1- When Gringo’s become Expats for the WRONG reasons:

#2- Is it irony, hypocrisy or the nostalgia:
Why do disgruntled Expat Gringos who’ve succeeded in getting out of dodge, continue to celebrate traditional American holidays like the 4th of July?
#3- Fire in the hole:
Are Latino firemen and fire departments reliable? What to do when your place starts to burn..
#4- Monkey see Monkey do. Gringo see Gringo do….
When Gringos copy Gringos and make the same dumb mistakes.

#5- Latin American Cov-Idiot stupidity update:

#6- Peru’s businessmen and the moneyed upper classes panic, pulling their dough out of Peru’s banks, as the country elects a communist president:
Brilliant move right? Especially since the promise of freebees, class equality and redistribution of wealth has made such paradises out of Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea and China
#7- Do you want to get into the exploding Crypto-currency world but don’t feeling quite confident enough to dive in?
Our own Captain Mango has developed a unique one-on-one Crypto consulting and training service (he’s been deep into crypto since 2013). To get started, email him at:

#8- Be sure to pick up my newly updated, "LATIN AMERICAN HEALTHCARE REPORT":
The new edition for 2021 (and beyond) is available now, including the latest "Stem Cell Clinic" info and data and my top picks for the best treatment centers for expats and gringos. Just go to and click on the "Latin American Healthcare Report”.
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