The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

June 15, 2012  
-Some disturbing info about those Latin American Spanish immersion programs. If you’re the sensitive type, have a weak stomach or a case of bashful kidneys, those family immersion programs can be an unpleasant experience in more ways than one (but you’ll sure learn your Spanish!)
-More proof that most Latin men will fail a basic third grade cleanliness, hygiene and smell test. In fact, women of all classes routinely refer to their men as “cerdos” which means pigs, (and it’s no term of endearment)
-Great advice on eating out healthy and happy. How to pick a good clean restaurant and how to avoid Montezuma’s revenge even when everyone around you seems to be stricken by it
-News about cheap bottled (actually plastic bagged) water for the masses. Something that you’ve probably never heard of before- but when you see it don’t try it!
-Expat Eddie gets a doggie bag - adventures in a Latin American Chinese restaurant
- A warning to ceviche and shrimp lovers
-One new spot may have opened up in my Latin Insider’s seminar (in late June). If you want to attend please email me ASAP at theexpatfiles@gmail.comput the word “Seminar” in the subject line to ask about that space.
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