The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

June 1, 2012  
-One new spot has opened up in my Latin Insider’s seminar (in late June). If you want to attend please email me ASAP at put the word “Seminar” in the subject line and reserve that place.
-Be sure to sign up for my Saturday am, June 2nd teleconference call. Do this by going to and signing up for my free report- “17 Undiscovered Latin American Paradises”. By signing up you will automatically get an email with the details on how to participate in the teleconference.
-Money and grief saving tips on buying, building and renting in Latin America.
-Water, water, everywhere. And unfortunately, during the rainy, season it’s not always in your shower or your sink, but more likely percolating down your windows and seeping through the walls.
-The state of homeowner’s insurance in Latin America; less than 2% of homes are covered, and as for now- I don’t recommended it. There are way too many exclusions and loopholes and very high deductibles. It’s an all round bad deal.
-The truth about those horrible sewer smells that pervade about one in four private Latin bathrooms (and about 100% of the public ones)
-Silicone caulk is used by the trainload down here. It’s a contractor’s best friend and the Latin version of duck tape (Though duck tape is immensely popular down here too)
-Tips on outfitting your Latin American digs using good quality plumbing and appliances. If left to their own devices, 95% of the local contractors will install cheap second rate stuff that will come back to haunt you some day.
-How to avoid a very preventable (and frequent) type of house flood
-Do not plan on having carpets or rugs, unless you want a new ecosystem in your living room
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