The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

May 24, 2013  
-People have a lot of questions about maids and housekeepers. In that regard here are some slippery slopes you should try to avoid and some words of wisdom when you have one.
-A few words for the ladies about the “Gringa Advantage”  and Gringa expats who happen to marry Latin men.
-Some comments on US embassies in Latin America and why you should avoid just visiting them altogether(no matter what propaganda you may have heard to the contrary). What they really are is a tenticle of BB and they just want to keep tabs on you. You should also avoid hanging with or socializing with embassy personnel.
-The locals live on rice, beans, vegetables fruits, tortillas with a little cheap meat thrown in for color. Which means a typical meal like that is quite tasty and very good for you too…, as long as its prepared hygienically. And that means you should not eat tortillas bought from the street stands even if they seem very fresh and you have watched cute little ladies making them right in front of your eyes.
-I was a real old school pre-internet electrical engineer in former life (with two advanced degrees and a doctorate) and knowing what I know (er.. knew) I would never live in a Latin country that had  nuclear power plants on their soil: so that rules out Mexico, Brazil and Argentina (again!) And here’s why….
-The upcoming Expat Wisdom “Latin American Insider Seminar” (well off the gringo tourist trail of course) will be Sunday, June 23, thru Friday, June 28… a full six days. Its over 2/3 filled now so be be sure to go to and click on the seminar link for full details and the earlybird signup bonus…
-Follow the link on the main page at to schedule a private consultation with me. If you want to discuss the details of living, working, playing, doing business and/or retiring in Latin America, now you and I can talk about your situation one on one
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