The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

December 1, 2013  

-Some very very bad news coming out of Venezuela concerning retailers and consumers. We’ve heard of strange presidential edicts before but this one takes the cake… and everyone suffers (except the crooked, inept politicians of course).

-The latest breaking news on Uruguay’s liberalized marijuana legislation and how it will affect the consuming public and those who want to it grow at home and as a business proposition.

-Part 2 regarding gringos and contracts in Latin America. Now and again we and our lawyers find ourselves signing contracts for certain standard amenities: like internet service, smartphone plans, alarm monitoring companies or cable TV installations, etc. But what happens if we sign a contract and don’t get what was promised? How easy is it to break a contract? What about buyer’s remorse? Are their some specified time frames to back out or cancel like certain consumer protection laws provide for contracts up in the states?

-A quick update on gringos transferring their old tired-out and saturated first-world seminar businesses down here to Latin America. Lots of dodgy stateside enterprises are finding out how easy it is… unfortunately most taking full advantage of the Latin gullibility factor and that legendary “gringo advantage” in order to make a killing on the locals. Surprisingly enough, even highly educated Latins fall for firsf-world seminar ploys. End even if it rehashed and useless tired-old stuff its all new to them and they walk out happy!

-My January 2014 “Expat Wisdom” seminar is 3/4 full now but I have a few spots left. To check out the agenda and the signup details just click on the Latin American Seminar link on the top of the mainpage.

“AN EXPAT’S GUIDE TO FIRST-WORLD  HEALTHCARE IN LATIN AMERICA”, That’s the name of my long awaited free report. It’s finally finished and will be available for a time at Grab a copy and than compare how 21st century Latin American healthcare stacks up to your Heathcare in the states. Read it and weep! And remember the report is free(at least for now).

-Follow the link on the main page at to schedule a private consultation with me. If you want to discuss the details of living, working, playing, doing business and/or retiring in Latin America, now you and I can talk about your situation one on one.

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