The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

December 23, 2019  

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #916 SUN, DEC 22 (12-22-2019):

#1- Registration is now open for Johnny Mueller’s Jan 2020 “Expat Insider” seminar:
The week-long “Expat Insider Seminar” in Central America is scheduled for Friday, Jan 10th through Thursday Jan 16th, 2020. Join me on my January 2020 adventure and get a 2 to 5 year head start on your own “Plan B”. Just go to and click on the seminar link, or email me at:
#2- EMF- Dirty Electricity- a situation when ignorance is NOT bliss:
Today's discussion concerns everything you need to know about protecting yourself from something that almost no one ever thinks about but can permanently damage and shorten your life. We discuss the 3 different electric fields you need to measure, the best most simple and most economical EMF meter to buy, the EPA (environmental protection agency) maximum safe limits (are they really safe?) and a list of the worst and most surprising offenders around the home and office. You’ll also find out how to easily protect yourself without becoming a retrograde technology Luddite.

#3- What you really need to know about Smart Meters and how to block their daily dirty energy spurts:

#4- A very interesting walk through my own house with an EMF meter:
The ten surprising things I discovered..

#5- Stem Cells- Update number 7  

#6- Check out my “The Expat Files” You Tube channel. See all the fun slides and photos that go along with each show. There are now more than 150 shows posted on my YouTube channel so have a look.


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