The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

December 19, 2014  
-In Latin America, cell phones are not only communication devices they’re also heavily associated with personal self-esteem and social status. Today you’ll hear what long time (Spanish speaking) expats have observed about cell phones and their fellow Latins who own them… 

-Explaining the conundrum of extraordinarily high levels of happiness in Latin America: There are a lot of theories, and I have a few of my own, but I recently heard the best explanation of the Latin high-happiness factor so far. It came from a long term gringo (ex-backpacker) who has been teaching English for many years at a high-end Latin “helicopter” schools. He’s seen the high-happiness factor face to face just about all Latin socioeconomic classes: but surprisingly, he says such high happiness rarely exists in the wealthy gringo wannabee classes! Does that ring a few bells? 

-As with everything else first-world, after a bit of “lag-time effect” Facebook has now become all the rage in Latin America. Now unfortunately, as with all social media, Latins are even more clueless than gringos. They’re quite willingly give up pretty much their entire life story, photos, and all their excruciatingly mundane details on practically any website they visit. That said, it’s no surprise that sites like FB are presently being used by numerous bad guys and no-good-nicks in order to sift out the whereabouts of wealthier Latin kids for extortion schemes, kidnapping and worse. And as you might expect, following on the heels of lame US gringo parenting examples, wealthier Latin parents continue to remain clueless about what’s really going on in their entitled kids’ lives. So what else is new?    
What’s your exit plan? Do you have a "Plan B"? The clock is ticking….
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