The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

December 7, 2014  
-Is it possible to use credit and debit cards anonymously in Latin America?
In the USA your bank’s credit card transaction department knows the purchases you’ve made, what you’ve spent and places you’ve been… that info is all openly available to US Big Brother alphabet agencies and more. But you knew that, right? But did you know that having a Visa or MC card issued from strictly a Latin bank will prevent that nasty, intrusive eventuality? And there’s yet another way to stay under the credit card tracking radar too…
-Today we have an excerpt from the autobiography of one of the most famous Latin men ever to immigrate to the USA. As you will see, he curtly explains the extent of the extreme upper-middle class macho society he came from with his own revealing family stories. That said, can you guess the name of this very famous Latin guy? 
-A much closer look at the tragic story of the Honduran beauty queen who was gunned down along with her sister after a night at the disco in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Here’s what the media is not telling you…
What’s your exit plan? Do you have a "Plan B"? The clock is ticking….
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