The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

December 5, 2014  
-A stateside university educator chimes with an email concerning how he personally has seen the tragedies and failures of the first-world school system at the graduate level, and how it has also failed Latin immigrants too. 

-In Latin America, as opposed to in the US, you won’t see parents fawning over their kids “supposed” extraordinary talents. On Latin America Facebook you won’t see little 6th grade finger-paintings posted all over the place with parental references to their kid geniuses. Here, thankfully, kids are NOT seen as little prodigies to be petted and praised every time they tie their shoes correctly(not yet anyway).

-How is it that so many Latin men cheat and get away with it, over and over again? How is it they nearly always get a pass even when caught red handed at the local strip club? Would you believe Latin men unfairly defend the practice by blaming the “gringo” male strip-club culture?

-You hear a lot about crime and shootouts in Latin America. But when politicians kill each other (for revenge or to thin out contenders for the gravy train) no-one, gringos included, is too upset. Same thing goes when narcos kill narcos...  

-The Latin addiction to cellphones has reached unprecedented levels especially now that all cell companies offer very, very cheap ($5 to $6 per month) unlimited “family and friends” 24/7 talk packages. These days middle and lower middle class Latins have their phones glued to their heads day and night. Sound familiar? And of course no one down here has ever even heard of EMR brain damage… 
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