The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

November 21, 2014  
-Last week we discussed “gringo prices” and how to spot when you’re being singled for the dubious honor of paying more than you have to… but today’s subject can be much more costly. It involves a relatively new quasi-legal airport and immigration type of gouge (more like extortion) that seems to have sprung up from badly-interpreted tourist visa guidelines that catch gringo and expat travelers with one-way travel tickets in a costly bureaucratic net. 

-Things you should know about getting legal residency in a Latin country

-Another very disturbing development has recently come out of Argentina’s Big Brother apparatus. Tourists, visitors and Expats; get ready for a new border-control- Spanish Inquisition style shakedowns- at all Argentine airports and land boarders. And now, after seeing what’s about to happen, it’s impossible to recommend that country as a place for anything but short vacation trip. From now on you can forget about Argentina as a low profile, stress-free expat destination. Sure, you might say nearly every Latin country is run by a pack of pompous, thieving morons, but Argentina has a very large contingent of rats, bottom feeders, cannibals and jackals too.  
What’s your exit plan? Do you have a "Plan B"? The clock is ticking….
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