The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

October 27, 2017  
#1- The newest phrase in the Latin street talk vernacular is “El Sueno Canadiense”. That means, “The Canadian Dream”. Sound familiar, kinda?
Yes, certain illegals who’ve been feeling the pressure of the Trump administration and the latest US immigration crackdowns are changing plans for a newer kinder more tolerant trajectory- Canada
#2- The average unsophisticated working-class Latino has basically 3 simple lifetime travel wishes- 1-to visit Miami, 2-to see Disneyworld and 3-to visit a place that has real snow.
If only our own jaded lives could be as uncomplicated.
#3- What if part of your mission to Latin America was to recruit and hire a bilingual translator guide or aide? How would you handle it? Today we have a slew of tips as well as some definite do’s and dont’s on that subject.
#4- There happens to be an unusual nexus of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency early adapters here in Latin America. Yes, many astute, low profile, expats are most definitely connected to the crypto-world and believe in all it stands for. Today we’ll discuss a few things about crypto on this side of the world that just might surprise you.      
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