The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

September 28, 2018  

 #1-What happens when Gringos and Expats try do to everything themselves with no outside help?

What can go wrong? Practically everything and/or practically nothing! Yes some come down and try to do it all themselves. Mostly because they don’t want to pay a lawyer (even though they are ridiculously cheap). DYI attempts are a common theme for backpackers, cheapskates and adventurous chance-takers. People with a lot more time than money will attempt to get bank accts, driver’s licenses, internet and utility hookups, even temporary and permanent residency. Yes it can be done, but with much perseverance, wasted time, endless line-standing, hand wringing, wheel spinning and false starts. That's why it’s the topic of today’s “boots on the ground” story.


 #2- More and more US military vets are choosing to live permanently in Latin America. 

I wonder why? Most of them have served around the world and have seen and heard many things we haven't. Obviously they know something the rest of the US citizen lemmings don’t or they would had stayed in Cleveland.

#3-Gringo / Expat Lonely Hearts Club Pilgrimages - PART 2

Gringos, mostly first-world losers in the love and romance department, have discovered the plethora of Latin American cupid and dating sites. It usually goes down like this.. the gringo guy first hooks up online then make one or more visits down to connect with the online “sweetheart or sweethearts" … only to find most online girls are not exactly the same free-spirited sweethearts they had been chatting with. They soon find out that most all of these Latinas come with a whole lotta baggage. But gringos have their share of first world excessive baggage too. Yes, love is a battlefield and many gringos get their purple hearts here on foreign Latin soil. But all is not lost.... 

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