The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

September 28, 2018  

 #1-The Gringo / Expat Lonely Hearts Club Band- PART 1

Gringos, mostly first-world losers in the love and romance department, have discovered the plethora of Latin American cupid and dating sites.

And it usually goes like this.. the gringo guy first hooks up online then make one or more visits down to connect with the online “sweetheart” … only to find most online girls are not exactly the same free-spirited sweethearts they had been chatting with. They soon find out that most these Latinas come with a whole lotta baggage. Yes it’s a minefield out there and many gringos get taken for a ride…

#2- Latin drunk driving laws are extremely lax and go virtually unpunished compared to the reaming you get from the authorities in the states:

That’s one reason why such a high percentage of Latin men (it’s always the men), when in the states illegally, get picked up for one or more DUIs or worse. There are many many such reports of accidents injuries and deaths perpetrated by intoxicated illegals (with or without fake licenses), but the mainstream media doesn’t like to cover that kind of stuff. Why? because it’s bad PR for the open border lamebrains.

#3-Prejudice and racism within Latin populations:

There are many Latin countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba and Dominican Republic where color based racism is not much of an issue. However there are Latin countries where class/color prejudice and racism far outpaces anything you may have witnessed in the USA.

#4- Millions of Venezuelan migrants have overstayed their welcome and are taking their toll on the neighboring countries: When a few tricked in all was fine but suddenly they are not much welcomed anymore. Citizens of other Latin countries are getting pretty pissed off at them for various reasons and voicing it openly too (sound familiar). Well, about Karma..  

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