The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

September 7, 2014  

Live from the DR: 

Part 2 of a report on living the expat life in the Dominican Republic. Like Costa Rica, tourism is now the #1 foreign income source in the DR. If you’re looking for inexpensive middle-class accommodations (USA style) or want to hit the ground running- cheap backpacker style, you’ll find there are not many low-end tourism options. The country mostly specializes in expensive upscale beach resorts.   

-Now here’s a big surprise: somehow upscale, wealthy Russians and Ukrainians have discovered (er,.. invaded?) the DR. As a country loaded with many hundreds of beautiful upscale beach resorts, so many wealthy Russians are coming down on vacation that many signs, menus and ads are in Spanish, English and Russian! How’d that happen? I asked around and have the surprising answers.    

-Some unsettling news concerning US banks and moving of money and assets around using Bitcoin.  Still more news, if true, of how and why the FED, Wall Street and the corrupt banksters are secretly terrified of Bitcoin and the cyber-currencies.          

-Ecuador (a socialist, near bankrupt, heavily debt ridden 3rd world country) announces a new government run crypto-currency scheme for 2015 that sounds like one of the dumbest moves ever
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