The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

August 13, 2017  
#1- Venezuelan refugees and illegals are becoming a problem for adjacent Latin countries. A few years ago, before the present crisis, Venezuelans traveled about freely, trickled into other countries and were absorbed easily and even welcomed. Nearby countries like Colombia, Peru and Ecuador were easy destinations to get to. However these days in places like Colombia, etc., Venezuelans are looked upon with suspicion especially since they will work cheap, off the books and do hard grunt work for cash (sound familiar?)  
#2-And here we thought Costa Rica was first-world expensive and Ecuador third world cheap? Wait till you hear this;
The latest reports now indicate that hotels, restaurants and tourist agencies in Ecuador are much more expensive than their counterparts in both Colombia and Costa Rica. Wow…how’d that happen? (should we thank International Living?) Here’s the scoop...
#3- DYK: Latin America is full of Bitcoin miners?
The odd thing is they are all pretty much located in a place you’d never expect. Its all possible because it’s a place where the electricity so subsidized that its virtually free. However govt pus-bags are cracking down hard so it may not last.
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