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July 21, 2019  

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #873 SUN, JULY 21 (07-21-2019): `


#1- What you never knew about “Coyotes” and how they have a two tier “door to door” pricing system:

A two-time illegal deportee Uber driver in El Salvador explains how he paid $8000 for Coyote to get him from El Salvador to New Jersey, no not once, but twice! If Coyotes don’t take checks or credit cards, how do poor and destitute Latinos come with that kind of dough? Today you’ll find out… and it’s a shocker..  

#2- Since 2015, throughout Central America, homicides and violent crimes have decreased nearly 50%:

What the hell has happened? Is it more cops? Better policing, equipment, technology, more political will? What Latino street cops say about will certainly surprise the hell out of you!!!


#3- The exploding growth of corrupt mega-evangelical churches in Latin America:

Just when you thought Catholics had the corner on church scandals, it’s likely just as bad or worse in those Latin American Evangelical mega-churches. Problem is, most offenses are lightly reported or not reported in the Latino media at all. Why? Because Latin America is so thoroughly Christian the media is loath to report any but the most glaringly obvious abuses.


#4- A boots-on-the-ground Cuba report:

A Listener who lived 18 years in Cuba and 5 years in Venezuela gives us a killer report, and a stern warning, about the ominous parallels he sees happening in the USA… he says, like Cuba, the USA is rotting from the inside out


#5- Dental Floss, Halitosis and Latin America:
There's something rotten in Denmark.. in macho Latin America too... 


#6- For your copy of JOHNNY MUELLER’S- 100 PAGE “LATIN AMERICAN HEALTHCARE REPORT” go to the following link:


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