The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

July 8, 2018  

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #773 SUN, JULY 08- (07-08-2018):

#1- When Latin Cops extort and demand bribes:

Latin cops know that women drivers are not easily extorted, but men are!

Today’s “boots on the ground” story

 #2- There is one particular country in Latin America that has the highest traffic fines in the world so look out!! 

Can you guess the country? Even though the vast majority of Latin countries have traffic fines that are laughable compared to first world countries, there is this one huge exception to the rule.   

 #3- How Johnny Mueller beat a radar gun traffic violation in court.

A very personal and original “boots on the ground” story from the good ole days 

#4- Everyone seems to want to know if Gringos and Expats can qualify for home and business loans from Latin American banks.

Today we go over a genuine loan and mortgage application (translated from Spanish) so you can see just what the requisites are, and if you can qualify.

#5- Johnny’s new “Expat Essentials Course” is a blueprint for your “Plan B” and the best way kick-start your exit plan before getting boots on the ground in Latin America. Check out the free intro video to the course now at 

 #6- Check out my “The Expat Files” You Tube channel. See all the fun slides and photos that go along with each show. There are now more than 150 shows posted on my YouTube channel so have a look.

 #7- For more of Johnny’s reports, comments, adventures, news, surprises the famous “Expat Concierge Service” and more, check it all out at: 

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