The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

June 30, 2017  

#1- When you overstay your tourist visa you are in effect an illegal alien in a Latin country. So then what happens next? What can happen if you stay a very very long time beyond your tourist visa expiration date?

#2 Having two passports: that 2nd one can be a life saver and a kind of get out of jail free card, but be careful how you use them both. You can get in a fine regarding those all important entry and exit stamps if you don’t plan your travel moves correctly.

#3-The US allows dual citizenship (2 or more passports) but other countries, including a few Latin countries, don’t allow it. Oops! Might you have screwed up and picked the wrong "Plan B" country? Is it back to the drawing board? No, not quite. Those single passport laws are really just a technicality and not a serious problem. Today we have the dope on that widely misunderstood subject..

#4-There is an ongoing Latin American population boom, with super high  levels of teen and even subteen pregnancies. You might think you know why that might be but its not all that obvious. The real answers are quite surprising.

#5- Do you know anything about the Latin American legal age of sexual consent? Would you believe in 19 of Mexico’s 31 states (or departments) the age of sexual consent for females is an unbelievable 12 years old?

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