The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

June 23, 2017  

#1- Getting off the grid and off the radar: You can do it to a significant degree in Latin America and here’s how..

#2 House swapping: is that a viable option for gringos and expats who go back an forth between the US and Latin America? Maybe so but look out. There are many pitfalls, especially if you are a picky gringo with first-world standards. Yet it could could be a successful enterprise if the trade was done with only upscale Latin families in mind- though not likely if you are targeting just gringos and Expats. In any event, I wouldn’t recommended swapping your primary residence with someone you don’t personally know.

#3-Even wealthy supposedly well-educated Latins are quite gullible when it comes to cons and scams. They are especially vulnerable when on their never ending quest to emulate everything and anything that’s first-world and gringo. So just how gullible are Latins in general? Today we discuss a few prime examples.

#4- What is the legal status of Marijuana and hemp oil in Latin America? Are they decriminalized or not? Are they legal for medical use? Well, yes and no. It’s complicated and today we have the skinny on the subject.

#5- What to do when an electrical or mechanical household item or appliance breaks down? In Latin America there are usually two ways to approach the repair process. First there’s the gringo way (more expensive) and then the Latin way (much less costly). Today’s “boots on the ground” story describes the hows and whys.

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