The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

May 29, 2016  

#1-Will you be rich in Latin America? In Latin America just what is the definition of rich? What income is considered middle class? …or upper-middle class?

#2–Sad but true, IQ’s in the states, Latin America and around the world have been deteriorating steadily since the 1960’s. Meanwhile, we are all perennial optimists and think we’re smarter and better off financially than we actually are…

#3-Some current examples of how Latin TV and the media are thoroughly brainwashing their youth

#4-Solar hot water heating, phasing out LP gas and getting off the grid in Latin America

#5-Why is it that most all “Do-Gooder” organizations and other non-transparent so-called “charities” don’t pass the smell test? Meanwhile “good hearted” gringos keep getting fooled and sucked in again and again…

#6-Consult with Johnny- Schedule a cell or Skype call: Set up a time to talk and sort out your own specific Latin American “PLAN- B”. Just write “CONSULT” in the subject line with a short list of questions/talking points to:

#7- Visit me Johnny(and expat super blogger John Galt) at where you get real “boots on the ground” info, experienced expat blogs and terrific one-of-kind reports.

Held in and around Guatemala, Central America- “off the Gringo tourist trail”, Saturday July 9th thru Thursday July 14th. Click the link on top of the main-page or email: or, or click on the link below (or paste it in your browser)

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