The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

April 27, 2015  
-Today we tie up some loose ends in the process of transitioning from temporary residency in a Latin country to permanent residency. Specifically the subject of getting the required police report for the transition- a clean police report, that is.
-All big Latin American cities have hundreds if not thousands of parking meters, mostly in the business and hotel districts. And you plug in the average of 50 US cents an hour. It’s a way for municipalities to make dough, naturally. However it’s impossible to figure out how any Latin city can hope to even break even when the parking meter crews- the slugs that empty the change from the meters- often consist of six guys riding around in a single golf cart emptying those things. It’s a one man job for sure, but this is Latin America!
-Some disturbing “boots on the ground” facts concerning unwed teenage mothers and the ever-present Latin baby boom: In getting to know middle-class Latin families, and also just walking around and observing Latin society, we expats soon realize there are a lot of very young pregnant women and young unmarried ladies with kids living at home with their parents. Why is it so widespread and why are Latin parents so forgiving (and happy?) when their underage daughters making “mistakes’ like that?     
-Big pharma is trying to get a foot in the door in Latin America via drug reps. Its an old page from the same first-world drug company playbook, but a brand new game down here.     
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