The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

April 12, 2015  
-Part 1: Obtaining Residency in a Latin country (as of April, 2015):
Perhaps for the first time anywhere, today we discuss the complete, unabridged, up to date, step-by-step process of applying for and receiving temporaryand permanent residency in Latin America.
In fact we go through the complete process in great detail and all the hurdles big and small a gringo must go through to get said residency. In our real-live residency case study, Guatemala was the country selected, specifically because many Expat Wisdom seminar attendees and prospective attendees have been inquiring (and wondering) if they can come down for the seminar this July and apply for residency immediately afterwards. Yes they sure can, and here’s how….         
JULY 2015 -LATIN AMERICAN SEMINAR NOTICE: Make your plans now for the next Latin American Expat Wisdom seminar (and get in on the early-bird discount). Just go to the main page and click on the Latin Seminar link for full details. The seminar will take place from Saturday, July 11th through Thursday July 16th, 2015.
-CONSULT WITH JOHNNY- SCHEDULE A CELL OR SKYPE CALLFollow the consult link on the main page at and Johnny will help you sort out your Latin American plans.
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