The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

March 27, 2020  

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #941 FRI, MAR 27 (03-27-2020):


My new website is The previous sites have been hacked so please visit for announcements, upcoming seminar details and special reports.  

#1- Corona virus Latin American update:
Some Latin countries are going overboard on the rules and regs while others remain rather lax and indecisive. The key thing to remember is that Latin Governments love to copy cat and pass the same laws the USA does- with only about 10% of the enforcement capabilities (and that’s a good thing)
#2- "Plan B" Procrastinator Alert and Reality check!
Yes, the bubble has burst and life as we know it has changed. Yet we all were warned over and over again the titanic was sinking. The question is "Might it be too late to get started on a “Plan B”?
#3- The FED’s massive money printing will fix everything (insert bubbling bong noise here):
Yeah right! HA, HA, HA!!!!
#4- The Corona virus secondary effects no one is talking about:
Get ready for a truly massive round of lawsuits:
#5- Be sure to pick up my new and revised, "LATIN AMERICAN HEALTHCARE REPORT":
The new edition for 2020 (and beyond) is available now, including the latest "Stem Cell" info and data and my top picks for the best treatment centers for expats and gringos. Just go to and click on the "Latin American Healthcare Report”.
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