The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

March 20, 2015  
An update on the Latin real estate bubble… it just keeps getting bigger. Every middle and upper-middle class Latin’s dream is to buy or build a new house in the “burbs”. Doesn’t that sound like a line from your grandparent’s book? By the way, living in the “burbs” is just one of the latest middle and upper-middle class Latin measures of success. That means with Latins, the “living in the burbs thing” has a lag time of only about 40 years!    
-The muddy truth about getting and keeping liquor licenses in Latin America. If your dream is to have a typical brick and mortar business; a bar, restaurant, hotel, or bed and breakfast… you’ll need a liquor license. With all licenses, as with most things in Latin America, there are two different and very flexible standards. There’s one standard when “on” the tourist trail and a very much more relaxed standard when “off” that trail.     
-There happens to be a severe bathtub shortage in most all Latin American households. Actually it’s more like a bathtub dilemma. So how’d that happen? The subject has always been a bit complicated and it’s not generally about the money either.
LATIN AMERICAN SEMINAR NOTICE: If you’re interested in attending the next, week-long, Latin American Expat Wisdom seminar (and to get in on the early-bird discount) send an email to or The next adventure will take place in the second week of July, 2015. 
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