The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

February 8, 2019  

#1- When your “Plan B” changes or goes sour:

One of the biggest dangers to a present or future “Plan B” destination is so called “good publicity”. Mainstream publicity of certain excellent destinations is becoming a big problem and most often the kiss of death for a particular previously off-the-radar paradise. It stands to reason that the more good or positive publicity an expat destination receives the more likely it will be overrun by gringos and expats. Unfortunately newbees eventually arrive in droves turning it into something like what they left the states for in the first place.               

#2- Gringos making money in Latin America - Another look at gringos and expats who need or want to work once they land in their new Latin country

#3 The problem with filing US taxes while living in Latin America-

Is it a problem? DYK that if your sole source of income is a Social Security check (or direct bank deposit of SS) you DO NOT have to file US taxes at all…

#4- Junk cars and vehicle air pollution in Latin America- a quick, easy, cheap and logical solution to put an end to the nasty problem.

The solution is so logical however, that we can expect no Latin Government to ever implement it

#5- Things you must know if you are thinking about driving a car or truck from the USA to Central America

#6- Some common and disturbing hygiene issues that pervade Latin America, and that you can never change 

#7- Recreational drugs and “do gooders” in Latin America

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