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January 29, 2021  
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Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #1026, FRI, JAN 29 (01-29-21)

The latest Latin American Seminar was scheduled for January 8th thru 14th, 2021. However, just when things were calming down, the “usual suspect’ Cov-Idiot knuckleheads in government along with talking head scientists (in the pocket of big pharma) have once again decided to arbitrarily place heavier restrictions on airports and arbitrarily imposing new lockdown restrictions (i.e. Soviet style house arrests). The excuse this time being an imminent so-called 2nd wave. Stay tuned for the new rescheduled dates- (estimated to be in March or April) when US and Latin America airports start accepting the cheap (1 to 3 dollar) rapid 5 minute paper strip Cov-idiot test that is now used and widely accepted in Asia and Europe and projected to be in international use in March or April .  
#1- Some noticeable Latino societal differences that gringos need to appreciate:
Latinos have fewer inhibitions in general than gringos and expats. Like for example, when was the last time YOU spontaneously broke into a song while sitting on the john, in line at a Starbucks or riding in a taxi? Most Americans would never consider it. Well, perhaps if you had too many tequilas…    

#2- Though we talk a lot about Latin Americans an their  “lag time”, today it’s time we discuss a few strange situations when its the gringos that get stuck in their own kind of self imposed “lag time”:

#3- The real extent of cryptocurrency use in Latin America:

#4- That famous Latin America “Craig’s list” called has just received some new and stiff competition:
The new site is called Competition is good news. Even better is the fact that, unlike, can be viewed in English.
#5- Cov-idiot Update:
With another wrench trown into the works ...the latest news is the lame requirement that travelers entering the US will need a negative Covid test (as of Jan 26 2021). In response, many popular Latin hotels and resorts are now offering on-site tests in an attempt to maintain the already pathetic tourist flow numbers. Good luck with that fellas!
#6- LOAN SHARKS in Latin America:
Today we have a “boots on the ground” interview with a long time Latin American Loan Shark. He collects 40% a month on the money he lends and.…    
#7- Get a 100% legal (and well respected) 2nd Country Passport online and in just 60 days!
The Corona virus has killed Latin American and Caribbean Island tourism so tax revenues have dried up. Governments are broke and a small few have reacted by offering passport by investment programs. I have personally vetted the best legit one. Amazingly, you can apply online without wasting time or repeatedly flying back and forth to the country. That’s a first! For details email; and listen to the complete explanation outlined in “The Expat Files” show program aired on June 28, 2020.        
#8- Do you want to get into the exploding Crypto-currency world but don’t feeling quite confident enough to dive in?
Our own Captain Mango has developed a unique one-on-one Crypto consulting and training service (he’s been deep into crypto since 2013). To get started, email him at:

#9- Be sure to pick up my newly updated, "LATIN AMERICAN HEALTHCARE REPORT":
The new edition for 2020 (and beyond) is available now, including the latest "Stem Cell Clinic" info and data and my top picks for the best treatment centers for expats and gringos. Just go to and click on the "Latin American Healthcare Report”.
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