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January 28, 2019  

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #825 FRI, JAN 25 (01-25-2019): 

#1- What they are not telling us/you about the Mexican migrant caravans.

Illegal aliens have always been slipping in and out of the states through the Mexican border but up to a year ago they were always individual, sporadic efforts. These so called “caravans” are a very new thing. They are not organic or self-organizing. Like any cohesive effort they necessarily need advanced planning, leader(s), logistics, advance people, etc., etc. So who is providing the supply lines, logistics, the dough, and to what purpose? 

#2- Tens of thousands of educated and cultured Venezuelans are pouring into much less advanced adjacent Latin countries, like Paraguay Bolivia and Ecuador.

In effect it’s a kind of reverse brain- drain. Though it does have some bad and scary secondary effects. Bad boys do slip through. Sound familiar?  

#3- Gringos wonder why in the hell 4 Latin countries- Panama, Belize, El Salvador and Ecuador- have abandoned their own funny money and switched to US dollar funny money.

It seems strange when visiting. It’s a drastic move that flies in the face of a country’s nationalism, sovereignity and patrimony. So then are they US puppets? What about countries like Ecuador, who are outwardly socialist and not warm to Uncle Sam’s hegemonic tactics? Today we have the real dope on the subject…

#4- A Mexican oil pipeline thief can be either a narco or the nice guy next door.

They are well tolerated and here’s what you didn’t know about them.

#5- The new multi-billion dollar US embassy in Guatemala is under construction on 9.5 acres!

That’s more than double the size of the old gigantic existing embassy which is/was 4 stories and a city block square. Oh and did you know the top 3 floors have always been off limits to US citizens? Can you say “alphabet agencies”? The really bad news is that there are similar money pit monstrosities in 150 foreign country capitals worldwide. So, does that piss you off yet?  

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