The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

January 13, 2019  

Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #822 SUN, JAN 13 (01-13-2019): 

#1- Amazing Latin American Healthcare full coverage insurance plans are available for Gringos and Expats- with zero to $50 deductible- for a mere $50 to $200 a month:

Yes, it seems unbelievable but are they too good to be true? 

#2- The pitfalls of so called “Medical Tourism”- what you didn’t know and what no one wants to tell you.

Sure, you can save bundle if you pop down to Latin America to have your belly fat sucked out, have dental work done or kidney stone or gall bladder surgery. But guess what? If you make the arrangements through an online medical tourism outfit (there are dozens of such sites.. and in English too), you will pay about TWICE what the local Latinos will pay for the identical service or treatment- at the very same clinics and hospitals and from the very same doctors. Still, for a gringo the price is right and it will look like a great deal but remember, if you come down and do the legwork yourself (and speak Spanish or know someone who does) you can save another 50% off the internet derived “medical tourism” listed fees and not compromise yourself in any way…    

#3- Is Big Brother watching its citizens in Latin America too?

How it is possible that just two cities in Bolivia have 1600 Chinese made ultra-high-tech surveillance cameras that list out at $8000 a piece! Meanwhile, the average Bolivian has no hot running water and the vast majority of towns and cities have no adequate sewage disposal systems or functional water treatment plants (duh?). Turns out the Chinese are worming their way into Latin American governments and industries by giving out and loaning extremely high-tech surveillance equipment (and more) to certain broke and susceptible Latin Governments. The Chinese companies do it by giving the lard-ass Latino bureau-rats offers they just can’t refuse…     



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