The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

January 4, 2019  

#1- Using Cryptocurrency in Latin America- Jan 1, 2019 update

The calm before the storm... today's first a 'boots on the ground' story

#2- First World Healthcare at Third World prices- Jan 1, 2019 update

The Canada and UK national healthcare systems exposed. The subject of today’s “boots on the ground story”

#3- What about those Crazy Latino and Latina proper names that would certainly get a kid an ass – whopping up in the states?

Nick names abound in Latin America. That’s the culture. Most are endearing or descriptive and in no way an insult. However, there is no shortage of horrible and confusing birth names given to kids in Latin America too. Periodically you will meet a person who has been burdened with such a moniker and you won’t believe a parent would do that to a kid. Stranger yet, when you meet a person with a mind-blowing name it will almost always be a result of uneducated parents trying to inject a favorite English word or two into a kid’s birth certificate- generally with laughable or embarrassing results (to us gringos anyway who know better)             


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