The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

January 10, 2016  
-The “Gringo Advantage” strikes again... sparking yet another simple, inexpensive business idea. (one you’d never expect).
-Fresh gringos and new Expats can get awfully steamed up when they find they have to wait an interminable amount of time just to get waited on by a cashier or bank teller. Today we have a gringo “drive up AutoBanco” story that will get you thinking about how and why “manana” time is a part of Latin culture and why it will probably never change no matter how much Gringos and Expats kick and scream about it.   
-Today we have a strange (but not for Latin America) car parking-lot story that takes place at a modern Latin Airport
-What does ”Off the Gringo Tourist Trail” really mean?
-A visit to a typically decrepit, “free” Nation Health Care Latin Hospital.
There are 101 reasons why public hospitals are NEVER recommended for Expats and Gringos.
-We also have an email defending Mexico as a top place for Expat living
-An analysis of how the two-faced Latin media, and criminal Latin celebrity hypocrites, portray Donald Trump as the evil one.   
-Visit me Johnny (and Expat super-blogger John Galt) at our new joint website . Its where you’ll get real “boots on the ground” info, experienced expat blogs and reports. It’s a work in progress so please be patient. We’re continually improving and expanding the format.
 -Be sure to check out my "Expat Files" YouTube channel -and become a subscriber
At we have a new feature: a blog written by a very trusted Latin lawyer friend and colleague (with great credentials). He will be blogging regularly from Central America touching on everything you want to know about Latin Legal issues such as residency, passports, contracts, S.A. corporations, banking, Trusts, courts, lawsuits, and much more. He’ll stress all manner of Latin Legal issues as they pertain to Expats. Better yet, you’ll be able to contact our Lawyer and email him your own legal questions too… 
 CONSULT WITH JOHNNY- SCHEDULE A CELL OR SKYPE CALL: Would you like a 1 on 1 personal Skype or phone consult with me? Set up a time when we can talk and sort out your own specific Latin American plans. Just put the word “CONSULT” in the subject line and send a short list of your questions and talking points to:

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