The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

August 9, 2015  
-How to see Central America on the cheap (but not backpacker cheap):
Today we have a story of a lone gringo’s 10 week trip through most all of Central America. He did it by way of the Latin version of a private Greyhound Bus. Starting his trip in Panama, he travelled northward and explored most major cities and attractions in Central America- ending finally in Mexico. He explains how he did the trip on only $35 a day which included the bus tickets and three day stay at the all-inclusive Decameron resort in El Salvador. He gives great advice and tips spelling out how anyone can do much the same thing…
-Everyone loves shopping at those big Latin produce markets... that is, once they’ve actually experienced one up close and first hand. Gringos who never get the chance don’t know what they’re missing. Most never go because they are fearful of big crowds, the chaos and their lack of Spanish. That said, today we have some basic tips that will make any trip to the big market fun, cheap and painless…
-There are odd cases where your personal “gringo advantage” temporarily rubs off on the Latin person or persons you happen to be with.  
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