The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

February 26, 2016  

- Many 1st World Gringos and Expats come down to Latin America with a shortage of cash and resources, and some with perhaps with just enough dough to live for a period of 6 months to a year or so. One of the quickest and easiest job options for them is an English teaching job. In that area there are four good and sure options to choose from. That said, today we’ll answer one of the many emails that specifically addresses the subject of teaching English in Latin America…

-After a year or so on the job, about half the Gringo English teachers in Latin American private k-12 schools end up finding a niche that turns into a nice business opportunity. On the other hand, half of the Gringo English teachers stay on the job for years with no desire to leave. So even if they stumble on a great business idea or two or three (and most eventually do), they still don’t bother to chase the carrot. Why? Because in Latin America teachers (especially Gringo teachers) are respected and admired by both parents and kids alike (what a unique concept!) Today we provide some stories and proof of concept…               

-You certainly know, and are probably quite irritated, about the great illegal migration of uneducated, unwashed masses from Latin America- coming to a neighborhood near you. Still, everyone wonders how dirt poor people can afford to pay the $2000 to $10000 it costs to hire a “coyote” to get them across safely. People rightly ask, if they can scrape together that kind of dough why are they in such a hurry to leave? The fact is in the states today, half of the average adult population can’t even scrape together $500 in cash!

Today we’ll get to see exactly how poor Latins gather up the necessary dough. You’ll certainly be surprised…

-Visit me Johnny (and Expat super-blogger John Galt) at our new joint website . Its where you’ll get real “boots on the ground” info, experienced expat blogs and reports. It’s a work in progress so please be patient. We’re continually improving and expanding the format.

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At we have a new feature: a blog written by a very trusted Latin lawyer (with great credentials). He will be blogging regularly from Central America touching on everything you want to know about Latin Legal issues such as residency, passports, contracts, S.A. corporations, banking, Trusts, courts, lawsuits, and much more. He’ll stress all manner of Latin Legal issues as they pertain to Expats. Better yet, you’ll be able to contact him and email your own legal questions too…

 CONSULT WITH JOHNNY- SCHEDULE A CELL OR SKYPE CALL: Would you like a 1 on 1 personal Skype or phone consult with me? Set up a time when we can talk and sort out your own specific Latin American plans. Just put the word “CONSULT” in the subject line and send a short list of your questions and talking points to:

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