The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

December 29, 2010  

- For Sale: Killer fireworks that Al Nobel would be proud of. So go ahead and blow your fingers off- since its perfectly legal and there’s no one to sue.

- Costa Rica: Where you’ll find exotic, neurotic, animals living in shower stalls and worse. (I'm not kidding!)

- Pet Abuse: How Latins torture their pets and are in denial about it (well, they’re in denial about a million other things too, but aren’t we all).

- Latin Zoos: Not a fit place for man nor beast. In other words, chalk it off your to do list.

December 27, 2010  

- Traffic Laws: Well, they’re not exacty laws at all, but more like soft suggestions.

- Express Robberies: A new kind of stickup technique.

- Car Sales: Way down, but there’s a new incentive, they’ll throw in bulletproof glass.

- Latin school kids are rarely sick: Could constant diet of unwashed food and filthy eggs be supercharging their immune systems? Go figure!

December 22, 2010  

Cuba - Though Yankee imperialists can’t really go there, you can if you want, and you won’t even get in trouble. I promise!

- The real Cuban experience, and why they still love US Expats despite 60 years of, well, you know.

- Oh no! There's an epidemic! (of fake Cuban cigars, that is).

- Crime and punishment is just for locals (tourists and investors get a free pass).

- How to get a hundred year land lease ( rich expats need only apply).

- The curious case of Cuban style business partnerships.

It Only Happens In Latin America-

- Beware of L.A. Parking lots, delinquent parking tickets and car stereo thieves.

- Driver’s licenses without points (have a hundred DUI’s? No matter, you can still drive and its perfectly legal).

December 20, 2010  

Q: When is toilet paper not toilet paper? A: When you’re down in Latin America, of course.

- Find out why government building inspectors don’t inspect, and why real Latin men don’t use bathrooms.

- The real skinny on cleaning ladies and domestics – Fine out how $150 a month might get you a good full time live-in maid or an even a better full time live-in thief.

December 15, 2010  

1 - Doing Business in L.A....Mom and Pop shops are alive and well, even with the massive influx of 1st world franchises. Economics 101 says they should die, but they just won't. What's up with that?

2 - Shopping Malls and Food Courts and how other 1st world transplants are doing in L.A.

3 - The mega building and construction boom- courtesy of your friendly local Narcos and crooked politicians.

4 - How to embarass an Expat in one easy lesson.

December 13, 2010  

1 - Shamans Shamans everywhere, where 5 years ago there were none! Whats up with the 2012 Mayan prophecies? Well, Its big business down here in L.A. and the tourists are eating it up, even the fake stuff (and most of it is).

2 - Doing Business in L.A....the labor market, hiring employees for $6 a day (and occasionally getting robbed by them).

3 - Good cops bad cops... but mostly bad.

December 8, 2010  
December 6, 2010  
December 1, 2010  


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