The Expat Files: Living in Latin America A guide to moving to Latin America, finding work, and settling in.

April 9, 2012  
-Johnny has more details and dates on his much anticipated Latin American Insider’s seminar. And since it’s a high-impact, personalized event, attendance will be very limited- with just 24 places available. So sign up soon to make sure you’re on board for the ride. If you’re interested in attending my seminar June 26, 27, 28 email me at with the word SEMINAR in the subject line or better yet, go to and sign in with your email and you’ll get the full details and updates.
- Turns out the 99% of the negative emails Johnny gets about the show come from people with Latin American surnames- in other words, from fully bilingual Latins (wealthy Latins or the spoiled children of wealthy Latins) listing to the show. Though some worldly Latins listening to the show do “get it” others DON’T much like Johnny’s observations about them. Like Ferdiando Cortz said, “If you don’t like the truth… cut out his tounge”.
-You’ve heard of the “American Dream”? Well, the common “Latin American Dream” is to go to Disneyland
-Get used to the fact that at first, when your Spanish really sucks, your workers will laugh and giggle behind your back (and in your face). But don’t take it wrong. They’re fun-loving people and don’t mean anything by it.
- Get used to the fact that there are many habits and idiosyncrasies we expats have that amuse the locals, and some of our routines can absolutely send them into spasms.
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